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What's up with the greek domain?

Written by 04 December, 2012

No, we're not moving to Greece. Even though we love souvlaki and tzatziki, those are thing readily available in Cyprus as much as they are in Greece. Although, I could do with better mbougatsa here in Nicosia...


Anyway, enough talk about food. As many of you might have noticed, we even got a couple of emails from worried customers thinking our business is relocating, we have purchased a new domain name, There were multiple reasons for this additional domain, and this is a good chance to explain them.


  • We needed a clean domain name. Our primary domain is (both domains point to the same website). maintains our brand name. It also points out that we speak Greek.
  • We are preparing a Greek language version of our website.
  • And, following up from point 2 above, with a Greek language version, we hope to soon expand our services in the Greek market.

In fact, there's no primary and secondary domains, both and are official domains of Buytech Ltd (Cyprus).

We refrain from buying the domain, as we do not agree with the way the government is handling the domain registration procedure. It is so old-fashioned and so bureaucratic that reading the guidelines made us cringe.


Written by 28 November, 2012

We have created a new service website for our StayOnTrack service. This was done so customers may easily access their vehicle tracking application through a web browser directly. You know longer need to download and install software, all you need to track your fleet of vehicles is a web browser.

Additionally, the new website is planned to provide to users a more detailed account information panel, with details such as billing information, account expiry date, and reach our StayOnTrack support personnel through an online help-desk.

In order to reach your tracking application, please navigate your web browser to and use the login form on the top of the page to login with the credentials we have provided upon your registration as a Buytech customer.

New phone number

Written by 28 November, 2012

For the ease of our customers and employees at support and sales departments, we now have a new phone number. You can contact us on the easy to remember 77-77-78-82.

Our fax number (+357-22-317-124) and mobile number (+357-97-88-26-13) are still the same. If you experience any problems with our contact details please reach us through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .