GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking like no other.

Fleet Management
GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking like no other.

Know your vehicles' locations at any time with StayOnTrack(TM) Business. Check on both real-time and play-back if your employees are where you need them to be and have peace of mind.
HR Solutions

Employee Management
Keep your personnel happy

By enabling techniques such as time attendance, access control and fleet management, not only are your employees less prone to accidents, they also receive the joy of working in a fully proffessional environment. Also, our Business Applications empower your Sales, Project and HR departments with crafty and efficient open source integration implementations.
Get the reports that matter

Fleet Management
Get the reports that matter

With our fleet management solutions, you will receive timely and detailed reports on the whereabouts and condition of your vehicles. Set points of interest, dispatch vehicles, and get the report with times of arrival, departure and many more.
Don't worry, be happy

No more worries
Buytech offers ease of mind

Take advantage of Buytech in order to automate all of your business's employee, project, sales and team collaboration procedures. Our solutions do the worrying for you so you can focus on the more important things, like actually closing that sale or completing that big project that has been going on forever.
Access Control Systems

Time Attendance
Keep track of everyone's time

You can now keep track of everyone's time, automatically and with no hassle. We will take care of who enters or exits, where and when. Stop paying unnecessary overtime, and reward your employees for being punctual.

Carry on...
Just carry on business as normal

while our systems automate your entire business. You won't have to keep an eye out whether it works or not - all our products can be set up to notify your IT department in case of failures, via emails, SMS or automated phone calls.

Watching from the stars...
For Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East

We are a local company with global partnerships in order to satisfy any customer in Europe, Cyprus and the Middle East. Not only will we ship pre-configured devices to your business, we will provide completely free installation instructions, or if you are located in Cyprus or Greece, we will install them for you!

GPS Tracking Solutions

Track your company's assets and vehicles


Time Attendance Management

Control who enters where and log entry-exit times


Business Applications

Empowering your sales and project teams


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