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04 December, 2012

StayOnTrack Mapping

There are many possible map options when using different Automatic Vehicle Location software for GPS Tracking. GPS tracking in Cyprus though does not have as many options as its counterparts abroad. The reason for this is that there are only a handful of maps which may be considered as “full” containing all Cypriot streets and road names.


Our StayOnTrack AVL car tracking for Cyprus software gives you many options actually, with the most popular options being Bing Maps, OpenStreetMaps, and most popular of all, the Google Maps.


Google Maps for Cyprus is by far the best choice, as it gives a stable and 95% complete solution with very few errors. OpenStreetMaps also is complete enough but misses out on roads outside of main cities such as Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol. Furthermore, building and point of interest tags on Google Maps is by far more advanced than any other map out there.


When choosing your GPS tracking provider in Cyprus, be careful to specifically ask what maps they are offering with their software or Web AVL solutions. Good maps make the difference in accurately tracking the whereabouts and conditions of your assets and vehicles.


Buytech's StayOnTrack supports a few selected maps, which give tracking capabilities for 95% of the roads in Cyprus, Greece, Israel and the Middle East. You even have the option of creating your own maps and importing them in your GPS Vehicle Tracker or Buddy Tracker applications!


Here's a full list of the maps we offer:

  • Google Maps (Geocode enabled)
  • Shapefiles + Geoserver (Geocode enabled)
  • OpenLayers, ArcGIS, WMS
  • CloudMade / OpenStreetMap (Geocode enabled) -
  • Ayna Maps - Maps covering Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Bing -



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