How GPS tracking in Cyprus will help your company save and grow

11 October, 2011

Why do I need GPS tracking?

While true that most companies in Cyprus don’t even know the possibility of using GPS tracking on their vehicles, there are many brave ones who take a leap of faith and try every measure possible to save up on their company’s expenses.


Actually, what’s needed is not really a leap of faith; rather just a study of the facts. Most employees don’t purposefully try to cheat company time and resourses. On the other hand many do. However, even loyal employees will many times take the wrong routes, making them be late on delivery time and in turn making customers anxious and worried. What’s worse is that the price of fuel these days has sky-rocketed, driving big bills from the gas stations each month.


By making use of today’s technologies, you can create a more ergonomical and economical personnel. GPS tracking will give you a number of benefits which provide efficiency in the company to multiple levels, not only in the economy of fuel and working hours.


The industries which may benefit the most from tracking services are distributors, delivery companies, transportation and logistics, service companies and maintenance companies. The primary benefits of GPS for these industries:


  • Dispatch:Know where your vehicles are at all time using real time mapping and use this information to send them to nearby customers


  • Fuel: Save a lot on your fuel bill by cutting off-hours usage, excessive engine idling, over-speeding, and misuse of company fuel credit cards.


  • Workhours: Your employees will no longer be able to report more hours than they’ve worked. This provides Return On Investment (ROI) since you definetely pay them more for work not done than the less than €1 the service will cost you each day.


  • Billing: Prove to your customers your hours at their facility, which helps avoid “goodwill” credits where they’re not deserved — likewise, it helps you to get on top of problem drivers who are claiming to work longer than they did — this cost you more than hours paid to your workers. It will cost you your customers as well!


  • Risk: When you implement and enforce a speeding policy, your drivers will stop speeding within a week. We have seen it so many times, and it is simply impossible for your drivers to avoid speeding detection with GPS Tracking. Additionally, you can establish and enforce an off-hours driving policy for your vehicles which will lessen the likelihood of an accident in a company vehicle, particularly a drunk-driving accident after hours when used to drive to the local bar.


  • Maintenence: Get instant reports on your vehicle’s mileage and email notifications when your fleet’s cars need oil changes, servicing or tyre changes.


  • Routing: By utilizing intelligent and optimized routes, your fleet’s efficiency will be significantly increased. Fewer miles driving to customers in the wrong order, less fuel, less labor, less maintenence, happier customers — they all add up to a significant advantage for your company after installing GPS Tracking devices.


  • Reports: Most GPS Tracking companies provide detailed activity, summary, stop, idling, speeding, off-hours, and landmark/geofence reports. Use these reports along with more customized ones to know the general state of your vehicles whenever you need to.


Many of the bigger companies in Cyprus have already understood the benefits of GPS tracking in the Cypriot market. However, small to medium enterprises have a lot more to benefit from this great technology, as they are the ones that have the shortest budget. Typically, our clients pay us 1/10th of what they actually save by using the services described above.


Feel free to browse our Fleet Management section on our main page to learn more information and use some tools we have created for you.

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