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28 November, 2012


Buytech is a company providing innovative business solutions on technological and IT related subjects. Mainly, the company concentrates on providing Fleet Management and Access Control services. Within Fleet Management we also consider Asset Tracking, in order to enrich and simplify our service line. Likewise, within Access Control we also have included Time Attendance services for the same reasons.


Buytech has successfully entered the Fleet Management domain by offering GPS vehicle and asset tracking solutions at a quality and price which has no competition in Cyprus and the surrounding regions. With our own data center, we provide our clients with fast and efficient information on their vehicles and assets in real time, and also give the ability to provide daily, weekly and monthly reports on many fleet management aspects. With the StayOnTrack line of services, clients may watch their vehicles location, speed, distance covered, work times, etc., through our software at real time.


Furthermore, by providing Access Control systems through the Lock.Fort line of services, Buytech allows its clients to secure and isolate certain areas throughout their facilities, allow enrolling of employees or students at different parts of the campus, keeping track of employee and student attendance and automating corporate and academic procedures such as corporate meetings attendance, class attendance, and restaurant/cantine crediting system through biometric attendance systems. By using the highest technologies available, such as proximity, RF and biometric readers, our Access Control and Attendance systems provide a trouble-free and cost effective solution.


From our perspective, each of the services we offer should fulfil some very important standards in order to satisfy our clients' needs.

  • Firstly, it is very important to us and our clients that by using our solutions, they are saving more than they are paying us to provide the services they receive.


  • Secondly, we aim in creating relations with other businesses and clients based on trust, quality of service and satisfaction.


  • Lastly, researching, learning, testing, implementing improvements and notifying our clients with timely reports on existing and new technologies is one of our highest activities.


Buytech is not only about integrating existing technologies to please our customers, but also improving these existing technologies and creating new ones in order to allow more "peace-of-mind" opportunities to our existing and potential customers.

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