StayOnTrack Lite

28 November, 2012

Wheather you are carrying a bag with valuable items or you are transfering cargo shipments and need to know their exact locations, our asset tracking service, StayOnTrack Lite is what you need.

Asset tracking is very important not only on mobile items, but also on stationary items that hold high value and would be important to track them down in case of theft. There are countless examples from police reports that demonstrate how asset tracking has helped the authorities to not only aprehend the thieves but also to retrieve the stolen items.


The small asset tracking device that comes with the StayOnTrack Lite service has the ability to be hidden within stacks of money, to help trace down stolen money from banks and other institutions that transfer huge amounts of money from one place to another. By using this method, the client can place a number of trackers in the money bags or money containers used to transfer the money, and use the service to also track the location and route of money while they are being transfered.


StayOnTrack Lite is not just for asset tracking. The service can also be provided with appropriate devices for tracking persons, such as children and elderly people. For instance, the device could be used as an anti-kidnapping device or even to track down elderly people with Alzheimer's disease that tend to get lost when moving around on their own.


Please contact Buytech in order to receive a presentation on the StayOnTrack Lite line of services described above. An on-site demonstration of the service is also available under request.

Last modified on 03 December, 2012
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