28 November, 2012

We want you to take advantage of the new GPS Tracking technologies in Cyprus, in order to know the when, where, how and whys of your vehicles' and assets'.

By using our services you may know more than just the location of your vehicles. You may know the conditions under which they are driven, driver schedules and work times, fuel consumption, service information, and report generation.

By using our StayOnTrack GPS Tracking services you benefit in several different ways. You can catch cheating employees who use company vehicles in ways or hours they are not supposed to be using them, in any part of Cyprus and Europe. You will cut down on fuel consumption and therefore get much lower fuel bills at the end of each month, by ensuring that your employees are using company vehicles when and how they are supposed to. Furthermore, you may assign routes that best fit your customers and in a matter of seconds find which vehicle is closest to a customer at any given time. Also, geofencing zones can be assigned in order to know when a vehicle enters or exits certain locations and areas. Geofencing zones can be made customly for any part of Cyprus, thus allowing you to geotag the date, time and which clients exactly your drivers have visited.

Give us a call at any time to set up a free of charge demonstration. We can even proceed with demo installations on a few cars in order for you to evaluate the service before proceeding further.

Last modified on 03 December, 2012
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