Lock Fort

28 November, 2012

Access control systems help you secure certain areas of your premises and allo access to authorized personnel only.

By using our services you may know which employees entered which areas and when, as well as keep time attendance logs to calculate work hours for your employees


Please choose on of the Lock.Fort services on the right to see how different tailored services can help you. Furthermore, we can design client-specific systems to fit any request, since many companies have special requirements and types of functionalities.


Give us a call at any time to talk further about our products and services. We can satisfy your demands with specifications and sample demonstrations of the services upon request.

Lock Fort Office

28 November, 2012

When the fingerprint reader entered the professional access control field, in order to connect a variety of fingerprint readers and monitor in-and-out personnel, ZKSoftware launched Access Control Software 2.0. The software is applicable to various models of access control machines. It can connect a number of access control machines and make them work at the same time. Thus the in-and-out movement of personnel get monitored. The record can be queried later and can be exported in a variety of formats. Access Control Software 2.0 possesses a powerful function and simple operation. It will also meet complex operation under the situation where different machine uses different access control rights. Therefore, it is suitable for the situation where the access control right settings of the machines have little difference.


Main functions:

  • Multi-machines are online and monitor instantly. Ethernet connection or 485 adds the fingerprint reader to the management software to implement management. Click "start monitoring", and the monitoring begins.


  • Download real-time records. The records on every fingerprint reader can be downloaded instantly. The downloaded records can be automatically stored in the database. If there is attendance software, designating the software's database path as the database path. Thus, the attendance state can be queried at any time.


  • Possess the functions of photos input and real-time display. The personnel's photos can be recorded together with their information. When the personnel is opening the door with his fingerprint identification, the system software will display his photo on the monitoring window, which can assist the controllers to carry out comparison and improve the security of the system.


  • Query records and export the records in a variety of formats. Records can be queried when the fingerprint records are enough. During the querying, many querying conditions are defined, such as time, department, fingerprint identification and so on.


  • Open the door remotely. Use "Open" button to open the selected door remotely.

Lock Fort Public

28 November, 2012

Fingerprint Identification System for Mess hall

Do you still use a magnetic or proximity card or even the ticket when enter the Mess hall for a meal? Are you still anxious about losing the card or the ticket? Now, the Fingerprint Identification System for Mess halls is the best way to make this more convenient and safe.


  • The user's personal information (ID no/fingerprint/reserved sum) will be stored in this system. When user comes for meal, he only needs to press the finger and deduct what he consumes. The functionality of the system includes user registration, fingerprint authentication, detailed consumption review, printing and so on.