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28 November, 2012

Fingerprint Identification System for Social Insurance / Hospitalization Insurance

Nowadays, more and more people are involved in the Social/ Hospitalization Insurance systems. However, some illegal cases such as false claims for insurance benefits and failure to ascertain whether the person claiming from the insurance is actually the policy holder threatens the safe utilization of Social/ Hospitalization Insurance capital.


Under this condition, the Fingerprint Identification System for Social / Hospitalization Insurance ensures the security of Social / Hospitalization Insurance capital and protects the benefit of the policyholders.



This system consists of Fingerprint Identification system, Information Management system, PC system. The policyholder's fingerprint characteristic will be collected by live-optical scanner and stored in the central database. When the policyholder claims for insurance benefits, this system will identify the applicant if he or she is the right policyholder.

Last modified on 03 December, 2012
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