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28 November, 2012

Fingerprint Identification System for Nursery Schools 

Nowadays, most of the young parent would like to send their kids to Nursery School to be looked after. There is however a great concern from the parents that only the authorized persons must be able to pick up their children.


In this case, a Fingerprint Identification System absolutely could favor the worrying parent. This system could help the Nursery School to improve the management of kids being dropped off and picked up.



Once the kid was sent to the Nursery School, the personal information (fingerprint\photo\pin) of Kid and those who will send the kid to school and pick up kid from school will be stored in this system. With this way, only the right person could pick up the right kid.


Fingerprint Identification System for Examinees 

This system could avoid the counterfeit risk of the exam admission card and examinee.



This system need to collect the examinee's fingerprint, photo and other information, build a complete examinee's archive based on a database. Before the starting of the examination, this system will verify the information of those who take part in this examination by fingerprint.

Last modified on 03 December, 2012
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